Capchase 280m 125m Junebutchertechcrunch – Capchase, a fast-growing business fintech provider, recently announced two major financing rounds totaling $405 million. JuneButcher, co-founder and Advisor to the company, joined the rounds alongside other investors to help fuel Capchase’s growth. Find out more about this funding and how it will benefit Capchase here!

What is Capchase?

what is capchase?

Capchase is a provider that simplifies and accelerates the funding process for growing businesses. The company offers secure and confidential funding on competitive terms as well as instant customer feedback so users can make informed decisions. Organizations can bridge their cash flow gap and initiate growth opportunities faster than ever by providing access to working capital.

Capchase recently announced the closing of their Series A funding round, in which they raised $280 million and $125 million from JunebugTech and CrunchFund, respectively. The company plans to use the additional capital to accelerate its growth and expand into new markets. This influx of money will allow Capchase to continue paving the way for better financial access for growing businesses and provide them with a seamless experience during the funding process.

So, what is Capchase? But, they are a customer financing platform that allows companies to easily access capital by giving them an instant source of liquidity through an affordable payment plan. They work with customers and banks to make the funding process seamless for businesses. The funds can be used for capital investments or more day-to-day expenses.

For customers, Capchase offers a fully automated platform with no waiting period and no paperwork, providing quick and easy access to growing businesses. Additionally, the company offers next-day funding, which helps growing companies keep up with their spending and cash flow needs quickly. With its recent financing round, Capchase is looking to expand its network further as it strives to provide more efficient financial solutions for businesses worldwide.

Capchase 280m 125m Junebutchertechcrunch

Capchase is excited to announce the completion of two financing rounds. The first comes in at $280 million and was led by Andreessen Horowitz, with participation from existing investors, and the second one at $125 million was led by Sapphire Ventures. Additionally, JuneButcher has joined as an advisor to help integrate her tech expertise into the platform. These investments will allow Capchase to accelerate its growth and amplify its mission of assisting businesses to access fast and flexible capital for scaling up operations.

With JuneButcher onboard, Capchase will make significant strides towards becoming the go-to financing platform for businesses as they scale. Capchase works with companies to provide access to up to ten times more capital than traditional means, offering technology-enabled financing solutions and allowing them to preserve their cash. This has made it a popular financing platform for early-stage start-ups looking for growth capital. It currently operates in numerous countries worldwide, and these investments will boost its operations and help it expand even further.

Capchase Saas 280m 125m

Capchase Saas 280m 125m

Capchase is proud to announce successful funding rounds of $280m and $125m, as well as the addition of JuneButcher as an Advisor. This strategic move underscores the company’s commitment to providing businesses with the financing and flexible terms they need for growth. With JuneButcher on board, Capchase can further enhance its suite of products, providing customers with a more secure and streamlined way to access short-term capital for their business projects.

Capchase is a leading invoice financing platform for small to mid-size businesses. The platform provides customers with fast, flexible financing and also allows them to customize payment terms according to their needs. With its unique approach to invoice financing, companies gain access to short-term working capital in as little as 24 hours while they continue to pay their suppliers with traditional terms and conditions. With the addition of JuneButcher as an Advisor, Capchase can leverage her decades of experience across multiple industry verticals, allowing the company to meet the needs of its customers more.

Butcher Techcrunch

Butcher Techcrunch

JuneButcher, who has over ten years of experience building and launching products for leading technology companies such as Apple and Microsoft, is excited to join Capchase’s team. With her expertise, Capchase looks to provide businesses with the financial support they need while also leveraging technology to ensure ease of access, transparency and trustworthiness in their platform.

Through their newly launched product, Capchase 280m, businesses will have access to working capital to help with financing and liquidity. The product offers expedited payments of up to 125m by leveraging technology such as machine learning, data analytics and behavioural science. JuneButcher believes that Capchase’s innovative technology solutions can revolutionize how small-scale and mid-sized companies manage growth and funding. With her experience in the software industry, she plans to make a meaningful contribution towards achieving this goal.


Capchase 280m 125m Junebutchertechcrunch is a financial firm that assists SaaS enterprises in financing the expansion of their activities by tying up funds in upcoming monthly bills. Ignacio Moreno, Przemek Gotfryd, Luis Basagoiti, and Miguel Fernandez formed the company in 2020, headquartered in New York, U.s. The various stages of funding work in essentially the same way; investors provide cash in exchange for an equity part in the company. Investors place slightly different demands on the firm between rounds. Knowing the differences between these rounds of capital raising will assist you in deciphering company information and evaluating commercial activity.