jane 100m seriesburnstechcrunch – Don’t refer to Jane Technology as the Amazon of marijuana. It’s more accurate to think of Jane Technologies as the Shopify of marijuana. Although other firms strive to replicate Amazon’s destination marketplace, Jane Technologies is attempting something more powerful. The company is developing backends for dispensaries that are rapidly expanding their cannabis products online, and it accounts for 20% of all legal cannabis sales in the United States. The future of cannabis, according to Jane Technologies, isn’t a single destination like Amazon; it’s the neighborhood dispensary that sells weed online, and Jane wants to power their online store.

What Is Jane?

(“Jane”), the cannabis industry’s premier e-commerce provider and the creator of the world’s first and largest online cannabis marketplace announced today the completion of a $100 million Series C round of fundraising. Honor Ventures led the investment, with Third Point Ventures, Gotham Green Partners, L2 Ventures, Delta Emerald Ventures, and Artemis Growth Partners also participating. Jane had already raised $30 million in finance, bringing the total to almost $130 million.

Jane’s comprehensive business solutions and products enable cannabis retailers and brands while increasing consumer access to cannabis. Currently, the Jane platform powers about 20% of all legal cannabis transactions in the United States, cataloging 700,000+ SKUs across the market.

Jane intends to use the additional funds to increase its digital footprint and expand its personnel across different business areas. The funds will also be used to improve existing software solutions and introduce new technology to assist in bringing large and small cannabis businesses into the future of digital retail.

Jane Technologies

jane technologies

Jane Technologies announced a $100 million Series C financing round today, bringing the total amount raised since the company’s inception in 2015 to $130 million. Honor Ventures led the financing, and Jeffrey Housenbold, the founding Managing Partner, joined the jane 100m seriesburnstechcrunch board of directors.

Jane Technologies intends to use the additional funds to expand its digital reach and teams across numerous operational sectors. In addition, the company plans to develop new features and broaden its product offering for both large and small cannabis companies.

The co-founder and CEO of Jane Technologies are eager to stress that Jane’s current standing has taken a long time to develop. But, according to an interview with TechCrunch, this was a gamble made by the corporation in 2015 that the future of e-commerce is not a marketplace but the entire digitalization of all commerces.

Jane 100m Series

“For the past few years, the Jane team has worked tirelessly to confirm we have the necessary foundation to take this next step in developing the cannabis industry’s digital infrastructure worldwide,” stated Socrates Rosenfeld, Co-founder, and Co-founder and CEO of Jane. “We define success by the value we create for our dispensary partners, brand partners, and consumers, not by the amount of capital we’ve raised or the size of our team. This round of funding marks the beginning of the next chapter for Jane as we remain committed to encouraging local businesses while offering safe access to a plant that benefits so many people worldwide.”

jane 100m seriesburnstechcrunch

jane 100m seriesburnstechcrunch engaging user design, personalized shopping experience, and novel discovery capabilities are exciting additions to the cannabis e-commerce industry for consumers and merchants. The Jane app forever changes how users discover and shop for cannabis by delivering real-time local product availability, verified reviews, and the ability to search by desired effects and activities.

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Jane launched in Canada via cannabis merchant High Tide for the first time outside the United States. Also Jane Roots, a new headless e-commerce solution introduced in June 2021, handles backend e-commerce infrastructure such as integrations, data cleansing, personalization, reviews, and automation. Jane Roots lets merchants and brands focus on front-end user experience design and content updates without losing backend code. Jane presently holds five software patents for their brick-and-mortar shop e-commerce automation solution.

Green Thumb Industries, Columbia Care, Jushi Holdings Inc., Cresco, Kiva, Lowell Herb Co., Papa & Barkley, and WYLD are among the cannabis industry’s biggest multi-state operators and brands on Jane to power and manage their e-commerce platforms.