Rajkotupdates. news: pubg developer Krafton has filed a lawsuit against Garena free fire – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) creator Krafton, a South Korean company, has launched a lawsuit against rival smartphone game Garena Free Fire, which has been extremely popular over the past year. According to the lawsuit, Garena Free Fire plagiarized the gameplay, characters, and interface of PUBG.

Krafton, the creator of PUBG, has brought legal action against Garena, Apple, and Google. By releasing the battle royale games Free Fire and Free Fire Max, Garena allegedly plagiarized PUBG: Battlegrounds. As a result, Krafton is suing Apple and Google for selling the games on their respective app stores. Additionally, Krafton charged Google for hosting videos on YouTube that showcase Free Fire and Free Fire Max gaming. Additionally, Krafton is said to have taken a number of moves against the disputed battle royale games.


After its 2017 release, PUBG immediately rose to the top of the global video game charts. Players were dumped onto an island to scavenge for weapons and resources while avoiding other players in a battle royale-style game. The winning team or player is the last one standing. Other battle royale-style games, such as Garena Free Fire, were developed as a result of the game’s popularity.

the 2017 launch of the game Garena Free Fire by Singaporean studio Garena. The game has gained enormous popularity over the past year, particularly in Southeast Asia and Latin America. The gameplay is comparable to PUBG’s, despite certain differences including shorter game times and smaller terrain.

On December 21, Krafton claims to have taken action against Free Fire and Free Fire Max. The first demanded Garena “immediately stop its exploitation of Free Fire and Free Fire Max, including by revoking its apparent authorization to Apple and Google.” Garena reportedly objected to doing so. Additionally, the developer of PUBG asked Apple and Google to “cease distributing and exploiting” the two games on their systems, despite the fact that both app stores still have a listing for the games.

Find out why Pubg Developer Krafton sued Garena Free Fire

Find out why Pubg Developer Krafton sued Garena Free Fire

The creators of PUBG, Krafton, have launched a lawsuit against Garena and claim that they plagiarized PUBG: Battlegrounds. That’s not all, either. Additionally, Krafton has filed lawsuits against Apple and Google for selling Garena’s games on their app stores. The two Garena games Krafton has a problem with are also included in YouTube videos that Google is accused of hosting, in addition to “numerous posts containing a feature-length Chinese film that is nothing more than a blatantly infringing live-action dramatization of Battlegrounds,” according to the complaint.

Garena Free Fire Max and Garena Free Fire are the two video games for which Krafton is suing these businesses. Both games may be downloaded for free with in-app purchases from the App Store and Play Store.

Krafton claims that many elements of PUBG: Battlegrounds, including the game’s copyrighted unique “airdrop” feature, the gameplay and structure, the locations, the selection of weapons and the combination, and the overall color schemes, materials, and textures, have been extensively copied by both Garena Free Fire and Garena Free Fire Max.

The creator of PUBG said that Apple, Google, and Garena “similarly earned a substantial amount of revenue from their distribution of Free Fire” and that Garena had made millions through in-app purchases.

The Court Case

According to Krafton’s lawsuit, Garena Free Fire plagiarized various aspects of PUBG. The lawsuit asserts that PUBG’s interface, characters, and gameplay are all replicated in Garena Free Fire. In addition, the lawsuit claims that portions of Fortnite and Apex Legends have been duplicated by Garena Free Fire.

In response to unfair competition and copyright infringement, Krafton is suing Garena for damages. Additionally, the firm is requesting an injunction to stop Garena from continuing to incorporate PUBG-related features into its game.

Garena’s Reaction

Garena has not yet made an official response to the case. But in a statement issued in 2019, the business previously refuted accusations of copyright infringement.

The Future Outlook For Lawsuits

At this point, it’s uncertain how the lawsuit will develop. The action, however, draws attention to the ongoing argument in the gaming sector regarding the use of identical components in various games. Lawsuits like this one are anticipated to increase in frequency going forward because other creators have been charged with stealing gameplay components from other games.

PUBG and Garena Free Fire Comparative and Disparate Analysis

Battle royale games, such as PUBG and Garena Free Fire, pit players against one another in a race to be the last individual or squad standing. Similar gameplay elements, such as looting weapons and supplies, constricting play areas, and environmental dangers, are present in both games.

But the two games also differ significantly in some important ways. In PUBG, players must make tactical decisions based on the terrain and resources at their disposal. This makes it a more realistic and tactical game. On the other hand, Garena Free Fire is a faster-paced, arcade-style game that prioritizes action and agility.

Other Games Charged with Stealing From PUBG

Other video game creators who were suspected of stealing aspects from PUBG without permission have been the target of multiple lawsuits. The creator of Epic Games, Fortnite, was accused of stealing the “battle royale” gameplay feature from PUBG in one of the most prominent incidents.

Knives Out, Rules of Survival, and Free Fire are some other games that have been cited as stealing content from PUBG. Discussions over the uniqueness of video game concepts and the use of copyright legislation in the gaming business have been triggered by these charges.

The Lawsuit’s Effects On The Gaming Industry

The gaming business may be significantly impacted by the litigation between Krafton and Garena, notably in terms of copyright and intellectual property law. If Krafton is successful in demonstrating that Garena Free Fire plagiarized portions of PUBG, it may serve as a model for other video game creators to take legal action against rivals that copy their visual style or gameplay mechanics.

On the other hand, if Garena is successful in disputing the allegations, it might set a precedent for more lenient applications of copyright law in the gaming industry. In either scenario, the legal battle will likely have a lasting impact on how developers of video games approach intellectual property issues.


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The ongoing argument about the use of comparable elements in many games is highlighted by Krafton’s lawsuit against Garena Free Fire. While the outcome of the lawsuit is still uncertain, it is certain that game makers will need to exercise greater caution while making games in order to prevent claims of copyright infringement and unfair competition.