Rajkotupdates. News: Akash Chopra says shreyas iyer could be a captain for kkr or rcb – One of the premier cricket competitions in the globe is the Indian Premier League (IPL). It serves as both a stage for up-and-coming talent to show off their abilities and a venue for seasoned players to show off their leadership capabilities. In the IPL, a team’s captain is a key factor in their performance. Shreyas Iyer, the current captain of the Delhi Capitals, might captain the Kolkata Knight Riders or Royal Challengers Bangalore, according to recent comments made by former Indian cricketer Akash Chopra. In this piece, we’ll talk about Iyer’s potential as a captain for both squads as well as his track record with the Delhi Capitals.

A career in the IPL for Shreya’s Iyer

A career in the IPL for Shreya’s Iyer

A right-handed batter for Delhi Daredevils, Shreyas Iyer debuted in the IPL in 2015. When he scored 439 runs in 14 matches during the 2016 season, he displayed flashes of his talent. However, Iyer really cemented his place in the IPL in the 2018 campaign. Midway through the season, the Delhi Daredevils (now Delhi Capitals) named him captain. He guided the club to a respectable fifth place in the standings. With a remarkable strike rate of 135.16, he amassed 411 runs in 14 games that season.

Iyer led the Delhi Capitals to the playoffs in the 2019 season, their first trip there in seven years. Iyer was a key contributor to the team’s success, scoring 463 runs at an average of 30.86 in 16 games as they placed third in the points standings. He maintained his strong play during the 2020 campaign as well, amassing 519 runs in 17 games to help Delhi Capitals finish second.

Why Akash Chopra believes Iyer may lead KKR or RCB as captain

Why Akash Chopra believes Iyer may lead KKR or RCB as captain

Shreyas Iyer might captain either Kolkata Knight Riders or Royal Challengers Bangalore, according to Akash Chopra, who previously played for the Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL. Chopra believes that Iyer would make a good captain for these teams because of his resilience under duress, his leadership qualities, and his consistency as a batter.

In recent years, Kolkata Knight Riders have had difficulty selecting a reliable skipper. The team has had a few leaders since Gautam Gambhir left, including Dinesh Karthik and Eoin Morgan. But neither of them has been able to match Gambhir’s leadership achievement. Iyer, in the opinion of Chopra, might be the solution to KKR’s captaincy problems.

Similar problems with their captaincy have also plagued Royal Challengers Bangalore. Although RCB boasts a great roster, Virat Kohli has not been able to lead them to an IPL championship despite being a successful skipper for India. Chopra believes that Iyer would be a good choice to lead the RCB due to his leadership qualities and batting consistency.

Leadership Qualities of Shreya’s Iyer

Leadership Qualities of Shreya’s Iyer

Shreyas Iyer has demonstrated strong leadership qualities ever since he became the Delhi Capitals’ captain in the 2018 campaign. Even under extreme duress, he has maintained his composure and guided the squad with poise. The Delhi Capitals have advanced to the playoffs twice in succession under his direction, which is a noteworthy accomplishment for a team that hadn’t done so in a while. He is also recognized for developing a solid team culture and fostering a healthy environment in the locker room.


In conclusion, it is not unjustified for Akash Chopra to predict that Shreyas Iyer might skipper the Kolkata Knight Riders or Royal Challengers Bangalore. Iyer’s reliable batting performances and his cool-headed leadership abilities have been on full show in the IPL, notably when he was captain of the Delhi Capitals. Iyer might be the answer to KKR and RCB’s captaincy issues, which have both arisen recently. We’ll have to wait and watch whether one of these teams decides to make Iyer their captain in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has Shreya’s Iyer led a team other than the Delhi Capitals in the IPL before?

No, Shreya’s Iyer has never led a team outside of the IPL; only Delhi Capitals. Midway through the 2018 season, he was named captain, and he has since led the group.

In the IPL, how has Shreya’s Iyer fared as a batsman?

As a batter in the IPL, Shreya’s Iyer has consistently delivered. Over 2200 runs have been scored by him in 82 games at an average of 30.50 and a strike rate of 129.62. Additionally, he has two centuries and 16 half-centuries in the competition.

Which IPL squad has had the most success?

Mumbai Indians have won the IPL five times in a row, making them the most successful team. They have a solid team culture and a squad that is evenly distributed across all positions. Other successful groups include the twice-championed Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders.

What is Shreyas Iyer’s IPL record for the highest individual score?

Shreyas Iyer’s 96 not out against Royal Challengers Bangalore in the 2018 season is his highest individual score in the IPL.

Has Shreyas Iyer led India as captain before?

Yes, Shreyas Iyer has led India in ODI and T20I matches in place of regular skipper Virat Kohli.

What does Akash Chopra think of Shreyas Iyer’s leadership abilities?

Akash Chopra believes that Shreyas Iyer’s leadership qualities and capacity to assemble a cohesive team make him a viable candidate to captain IPL sides like KKR or RCB.