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Find ROKU Secret Menu – All the Roku Secret Commands and Menus

Roku streaming devices are overloaded with pretty much every channel you’ll ever need. All of these are searchable exact from the Roku Channel Store main menu. But while Roku’s forward-facing UI is both open and spontaneous, there’s a surprising amount of data, info and situations under the hood, a lot of which you can entree if you recognize how.

About Roku Secret Menu

That’s due to a surprising amount of Roku hidden menus you can check out on all the best Roku streaming devices. All nearby via strings of button efforts on your Roku remote. Kind of like ingoing a cheat code in a video game. After trying these codes out for ourselves, we were surprised that they functioned, yet delighted at how useful they are.

That transports us to the theme of this guide. We’ve emphasized five of the most useful Roku hidden menus, all of which propose fantastic functions and insight, foremost to even greater control over your Roku streaming stick or other devices. Read on, then, to learn about five secreted Roku menus and codes you unconditionally must check out for yourself.

The first article on our list isn’t so much a menu as it is a reboot of your Roku device. If you’re feeling odd performance problems, such as hitches with streaming or sluggish responsiveness. Restarting your Roku streamer could help resolve those issues.

To accomplish a system reboot, press the Home button five times, Up on the directional pad once, Rewind twice and lastly, Fast Forward twice.

Eventually, the monitor will go black, followed by the aware Roku splash screen when you boot up the practical. Doing so may reason the Roku interface to halt, but don’t worry, as the device hasn’t crashed. It’s just making itself for the restart.

Performing a system reboot is the next most delicate thing if you don’t want to bear the brunt of the impact of a Roku plant reset, which will completely wipe your device of its downloaded apps, accounts and login details (more on that below). A scheme reboot is more of a soft reset and must restore presentation without making you lose all your apps.

Check your Wi-Fi signal strength

Running into frequent quality drips or buffering while watching your Roku device’s favourite flowing channels? Our following concealed menu lets you quickly identify your Wi-Fi signal strength.

To enter this menu, press the Home button five times, trailed by Up, Down, Up, Down, and Up.

The Wi-Fi sign strength screen can help you recognize any issues in connection quality to your Roku device, which may affect streaming quality when watching your favourite apps.

This hidden menu displays its essential info as easy-to-read, color-coded bars. These bars, representing sign strength, should all seem green if there are no issues. However, they can dip lesser to a yellow or red hue.

In which case, we’d recommend not messing with the choices in this secret menu to avoid any enduring issues with your Roku device. Instead, it may be valuable to reset your router. Perform a system reboot (as outlined above), or write Roku support if issues persist.


Want to study more about your Roku streaming device? We’ve made several guides on how to get the most out of setting up your device plus some lesser-known tips and tricks that’ll turn you into a streaming master.

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