Allxs App – We are happy to introduce the Buy now, Pay later subsystem for Schools from Allxs. Also, this subsystem assists schools in giving parents a choice to spread out expensive school-related expenses.

The system allows parents to make flexible instalments to the school and features their own online store and several integrated payments. For big-ticket items like textbooks, school supplies, field trips, and uniforms, use the buy now, pay later option. And also, get in touch with us immediately to learn how we can ease the burden of payment collection for parents with significant school-related expenses.

Allxs App

About Allxs App

It’s a unified platform for managing customers’ cashless payment and shopping experiences. Manage your payments, POS, e-commerce, mobile commerce, inventory, and incentives in one place. The cross-platform system combines the customer experience on the web, mobile, and in-store.

Firstly, the Allxs e-commerce module allows clients to establish an online and mobile store directly integrated into their cashless POS and inventory system. However, Combining products from many stores into a single basket. The e-commerce system can provide a unified shopping experience across numerous sellers.

The e-commerce application is a progressive web app that loads instantaneously, independent of network state, when started from the user’s home screen, guaranteeing a consistent and reliable experience. Without an app store, progressive web apps are installable and live on the user’s home screen. They provide a full-screen immersive experience and can even re-engage consumers with push notifications.

Allxs App’s Services

Allxs app

Allxs Media Pty Ltd is a Fintech firm dedicated to providing Africa’s leading experience management platform. It remains accomplished by combining closed-loop payments with open-loop integrations, managing value, digital money, points and vouchers, remote ordering and printing, inventory, and location-based communication. The technology has numerous uses in several industries, but it provides a unique potential to verticals such as events, education, and hospitality.

Although the transaction and account management system is adaptable. It may be connected to manage digital payment authentication for a wide range of applications that require the capacity to load funds into a closed system and transact in a predefined manner. Likewise, the solution seeks to enhance the customer experience by providing contextually relevant information. And also, a seamless environment to engage, transact and improve efficiency and profitability.

Features Of The Allxs App Include:

  • Location-Based Offers – Receive relevant offers and promotions at the proper time and place.
  • Mobile Commerce – Use the in-app ordering engine to pre-order your purchases and avoid lines.
  • E-Wallet – Integrates with in-app purchases, account management, coupons, tickets, and peer-to-peer payment features.
  • Communication by Beacon – The Beacon Enabled app ensures that you receive important information when you are most likely to engage with it
  • Tickets and vouchers – Remain incorporated into our Mobile Intelligent Point of Sale via in-app digital coupon management and redemption.
  • Mobile Intelligent Point of Sale – MiPos, driven by NFC, is a full-service point of sale that includes cashless payment and credit card processing, stock management, extensive reporting and rewards administration, and location-based communication.

How To Operate The Allxs App

  • To create a parent account, open your phone’s browser and enter your school’s unique postal address.
  • For the most significant user experience, we recommend using CHROME as your browser.
  • You can also access your school portal from this page.
  • Please remember that you do not need to register an account for your child(ren). As a result, they already have an account with us linked to their cashless band or card.


In the end, to access an Allxs Cashless Account, click on the icon on the home screen, as you would any other app. The Progressive Web App does not require a download from any App Store. As a result, maintaining your account has always been challenging, thanks to our new Responsive application. Which automatically adjusts to your screen size.