Apps For Tracking Saving And Investing Your Money

Apps For Tracking Saving And Investing Your Money

What Is a Budgeting App?

A budgeting app will help you optimize your monthly spending and savings choices. A budgeting app can better discern your financial decisions and habits by putting all your economic commitments and goals in one place.

Similar to the apps you may need from your bank or credit union, a budgeting app may provide extra functionality such as financial goal setting and cash flow tracking across multiple financial accounts. Budgeting apps can synchronize with your bank and credit card accounts to offer a holistic view of your finances.

Some budgeting apps will custom a specific budgeting approach—like an envelope or zero-based budgeting—while others will generally address planning, allowing for customization based on your needs. A fully contained budgeting app can help you track spending, manage recurring bill payments, set reserves goals and manage monthly cash flow.

Do Budgeting Apps Work?

Budgeting apps are a great instrument to help ensure you’re living your economical, not just planning one. They can deliver insights into your spending habits, identifying where your money goes and where you can make developments.

As with any application, whether or not it “works” depends mainly on how you use it. A challenge with budgeting usually—whether managed with an app, a spreadsheet, or more manual means—is committing to having a budget and making your financial decisions in line with it. Many people find that the interactivity and mechanization provided by a budgeting app help keep them motivated to break on top of their finances.

How to Pick a Budgeting App?


Selecting a budgeting app can seem like a minor decision associated with other personal finance decisions. But the right accounting app can make a big difference in your personal financial life.

The right budgeting app can deliver you helpful insights and data into your expenses and savings. When selecting a costing app, be sure to consider what your wants and goals are first. But before that happens, identifying your economic goals can help refine your search for the right budgeting app.

Outside of your goals, here are limited features to consider before you commit to a budgeting app:


Budgeting apps vary in their costs. Many budgeting apps are free—or offer free versions—while some charge a monthly fee. While it may be attractive to choose a free app, don’t supervise the paid apps. If a planning app can significantly improve your financial outlook, it may be worth the investment.


Each app has exclusive features and benefits, so it may make sense to test a few different apps to see which one best fits your needs. If you’ve used a mobile banking app, you have a head start on the features you’ll be seeking. Typical structures in the leading budgeting apps include: connecting all your financial accounts, getting notifications of upcoming bill payments, designing a budget, credit score tracking, tracking spending, setting up financial goals and more.


The security of your personal information is essential, especially around banking data and logins. While most budgeting apps have some level of protection, some are more sophisticated than others. Be sure to look into the level of security encryption of each app. You may find security features on their websites, such as 256-bit encryption and multi-factor authentication. Along with using a secure Wi-Fi network, features like this will help deter intruders from accessing your information.

Customer service.

When selecting a budgeting app, be sure to find out what customer service options are available, both from the app and the desktop version, if applicable. It also may help to read reviews of others’ experiences with the app you’re considering. If you run into an issue when using a budgeting app, having a technical team you can reach out to can be helpful.

What Makes for a Successful Budget?

Budgeting is a process that begins with identifying your financial goals, along with observing your spending and savings habits. When you truly understand how much money is going out and coming in, you’re better prepared to handle both the expected and unexpected financial challenges life brings.

The mindset you bring to managing your money is essential. Establishing a budget is a critical first step to gaining control over your finances. If you’ve never worked with a personal budget, your habits may take a few cycles to catch up. And, if you have money habits you need to improve on, the right app can help.

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