Apps that use AI to Teach you Something

Apps that use AI: In a technological world with applications for everything from grocery delivery to mental health consulting, appreneurs are embracing modern technology to distinguish themselves as early adopters, change advocates, and issue solvers.

Artificial intelligence is one such technology. When combined with a now-standard mobile application development architecture, you get innovative AI apps that take user experience to a new level.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a new technology that leverages data sets to teach computers to perform human-like activities. There are numerous A. I apps on the market now, such as healthcare and image recognition apps driven by AI.

In its most basic form, an AI app is an application programme that performs a specified set of tasks to make human life more manageable. These procedures are now typically supported by voice recognition, picture identification, and machine learning tasks. Because of the income methods they circumvent, these AI programmes are crucial for appreneurs. Apps that use AI

1. Elsa – Language Learning Ai App Elsa


which stands for English Language Speech Assistant, is a language learning AI app that aims to simplify English learning. This programme assists users in expanding their vocabulary, improving their pronunciation, and lowering their accents. The tool is especially beneficial for those preparing for language tests such as IELTS, Toefl, and toeic.

The artificial intelligence models that record users’ speech, analyse it for different benchmarks and then generate accent reduction practise sentences based on predetermined learning schedules are at the heart of this programme.

The app features a robust development architecture and provides an excellent user experience. It offers various games and activities to engage users of all ages and skill levels.

The makers of ELSA say that it detects errors and accent difficulties with 95% accuracy and is currently assisting 1.5 billion language learners in succeeding in their careers and lives. The app was named one of Fast Company’s World-Changing Ideas 2020.

2. Personal Assistant Hound

Hound is an AI tool that translates conversational style searches into commands to give a more seamless experience. It does not rely on precise voice instructions and interprets what people say to offer replies at breakneck speed. Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing remain handled by the app’s native platform, Houndify.

The amount of sophistication you can add to your commands is also awe-inspiring. For example, you may ask it in a single statement to produce recommendations for a specific cuisine with a rating of 4+ and within walking distance, and then remove some cuisines that you don’t want to have. More crucially, Hound has filters, so if you don’t have an answer to your query, it will propose alternatives.

Aside from processing complicated search requests, Hound can also make music recommendations, let you browse Spotify hands-free, and set timers and alarms. And reminders, retrieve the most recent news stories, book an Uber ride, and even answer basic questions for fun.

You may also use it for financial aid and computations, as well as to obtain customised trip arrangements without digging too much.

3. Robin – An Artificial Intelligence Assistant for Android Users

Robin is the answer for everyone looking for on-the-go AI assistance. It is an excellent friend in your car when you want to do more than drive without losing focus on the road.

Robin is an AI that does all of your quick jobs without seeming like a ‘bot,’ from playing your favourite podcasts and audios to offering relevant information on various subjects.

In terms of technical architecture, Robin has a narrower reach than Hound but is more resilient regarding the app’s fundamental purposes.

The app is a well-known example of a solid Android app development architecture. Discuss your interests with Robin, get directions to any location, check for weather updates, or even send texts or set reminders.

Robin’s AI systems respond rapidly to consumer requests and create personalised experiences based on usage patterns. You can also use it to chat or request that Robin give you an interesting fact or a joke if you’re in the mood.

4. Google Socratic – AI Homework App

Socratic is a Google AI-powered AI app in the learning and education sector. The app’s target demographic comprises high school and university students.

Similarly, Socratic allows you to learn any of your high school arithmetic problems, locate relevant knowledge on various topics, and even study university-level subjects. Ask a question, and the app will utilise artificial intelligence to discover the most promising internet resource to answer it.

The programme incorporates problem-solving features such as mathematical problem solving, step-by-step explanations on various subjects. Automated pace determination based on speed, and concept building concerning essential complex scientific topics.

The best feature of Socratic is its capacity to recognise problems and deliver solutions via voice and visual guidance. You can take an image of your math equation, which will explain every step of the way to its solution. Being a product of Google LLC also contributes to trust in its skills.

5. Replika – AI Virtual Companion App

Although, Replika employs artificial intelligence to give you a constant companion. Form a relationship over which you have control and see the app learn about you quickly, making it a valuable tool for the convincing company.

The type of companion you build is entirely up to you. And the software learns your preferences to interact with you more intimately.

There is also the option of letting things happen “organically” and watching how the connection evolves. The software also uses augmented reality to allow you to carry your buddy with you in real life and meaningfully build on your chats.


What exactly is an AI-powered app? Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant, is a well-known example of AI technology. This AI-powered virtual assistant remains supported by Invoke, Microsoft Band.

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