B2B Marketing Videos: There was a time when it was simple to tell which strategies worked for B2B companies and which produced results for B2B companies.

That distinction could be clearer now and for a good reason. B2B buying decisions are still made by humans, despite what some people may believe—that they are more “rational.” As a result, your marketing must reach the appropriate people or decision-makers.

Video marketing remains used by 81 per cent of organizations. It would help if you clutched their attention to interact with them successfully, and video has proven to remain one of the most compelling types of material online.

Most businesses questioned want to boost their marketing expenses in 2020. 3. Online consumers view 1.5 hours of video content daily on average.

Let’s see how marketing videos benefit B2B companies:

Why Videos are Important for Marketing for B2B Companies

B@B marketing videos

Millennials make up the bulk of B2B researchers; as we already established, they enjoy viewing videos.

The idea that prospects only watch videos when they are in the “awareness” stage of the buyer’s journey is a common misunderstanding about employing videos for B2B marketing. However, polls show that 70% of B2B researchers and decision-makers watch videos during their buyer’s journeys.

But there are other factors to consider when deciding whether to spend money on video marketing for your B2B company. B2B marketing initiatives are more successful than ever.

In addition to the widespread use of the video format, data is the cause. Marketing teams now have access to detailed consumer behaviour data that wasn’t previously possible, thanks to marketing videos.

How can you begin creating marketing films that your potential customers love? Let’s investigate:

What Makes a Great Marketing Video

Some films are bound to perform better than others, given that 80 per cent of businesses produce video marketing content. Let’s examine the characteristics that all successful videos have in common:

Keep them entertained. Keeping your audience entertained is perhaps the most straightforward technique to get their attention. The adage “excellent marketing seems like marketing” may have caught your attention. It is most relevant to making marketing videos for any business.

You can design a marketing experience with exciting videos that care about more than just generating sales. You may demonstrate to your target market that your brand is one they can identify with by showing that it comprehends their problems, pain spots, and perhaps even their sense of humour.

Educational: If you aren’t amusing your audience, you can still give value by educating them. It does not imply that your instructional videos cannot be engaging or enjoyable.

Advantages of B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing Videos

However, it would help if you focused primarily on providing value. Ensure the topics you cover in your videos are ones your audience is interested in or has trouble understanding. Nevertheless, don’t overlook subjects that directly affect your goods and services.

Short: Business decision-makers are the typical B2B marketing communications audience, and those in such positions typically have a lot on their plates. Even if it isn’t a marketing video, they usually lack the time or the ability to pay attention to a 20-minute video.

Most modern video marketers are aware of it. In 2018, more than 75% of B2B marketing videos generated were under two minutes. This percentage has likely increased since then. A decent starting point is keeping most of your videos under two minutes.


You know the steps and components required to produce a successful B2B video. Choose the type of video you are making based on the resources you have access to, your level of competence, and your budget. I hope the samples I’ve provided in this article may inspire you to create your own conversion-focused B2B videos.

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