B2B Sales Outsourcing: An outsourced sales partner delivers business development experts to act as an extension of your internal sales team by curating lead lists, campaigning to prospective clients, scheduling  appointments, and in some cases, closing deals and onboarding new clients

When determining what tasks to outsource for your business, often, sales development is overlooked. It is under-standing as most companies hire externally for highly specialized work such as bookkeeping or website development. On the other hand, sales have traditionally been handled in house as it directly tied to revenue.



In most cases, B2B technology purchases are complex and require a lot of thought, startup capital, and person-hours to fully commit to a new solution.

Because of this, the buyer’s journey has become a long sales cycle with multiple decision makers. Revenue leaders seek outsourced sales partners to improve pipeline performance through their expertise in planning and executing prospecting campaigns that produce results.

What is Sales Outsourcing?

Sales outsourcing is the course of delegating a portion of your sales process to a third party or agency.

Sales outsourcing could include market research, lead generation, or routine sales tasks such as outbound calls or inbound call handling. You can also outsource the greatest of the sales procedure to an outside agency.

Who Needs Sales Outsourcing?

Companies that lack adequate resources, such as manpower or time to expand their sales process, often consider sales outsourcing. Let’s face it; sellers would spend less time selling without the right tools.

A typical salesperson spends most of their time updating excel and status sheets, travelling to meetings, and completing time sheets.

Sales outsourcing helps sellers focus more on selling. Sales outsourcing can help increase flexibility and allows sales teams to focus on higher-level tactical tasks or strategies.

5 Reasons to Consider Sales Outsourcing

Sales outsourcing is not for every company. Some scenarios that may make quick you consider sales outsourcing include:

Small team – You have a small sales team that can’t handle the volume of leads generated

New Markets: You are a growing startup looking to scale in new geographies or markets but lack good sales talent/resources.

  • Budget constraints – You don’t have the budget to hire top sales talent
  • Lack of resources: lack of experience in your sales team to handle certain sales functions
  • Manual task overload: Your sales team is busy with administrative tasks that leave little time to sell.
  • Focus on what you do best

Therefore, a sales team will take the burden of sales off your hands. They’ll take care of all aspects of sales, so all you have to do is check their reports. However as a developer of a product or service, you can focus your resources on hiring world-class experts to help you develop and produce the most innovative solutions in your industry. What your development team comes up with will surely be understood by your company’s sales team. Those are just as important for attracting new customers.

 Sales outsourcing: How to do it right

Outsourcing sales is not the same as outsourcing customer service. With sales, you need to have the most competent people who can give potential customers comprehensive information about your products or services.


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