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Many consoles, including the PS5, do not natively support Discord. However, the world’s most powerful console allows you to voice chat with your friends, so all is not lost. Unfortunately, the service cannot be installed, which is the only issue.

If you still want to keep everything on one console and not be dependent on your mobile, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to use Discord on your PS5.

Given its predecessor, it is surprising that the PS5 lacks features for online browsing. A built-in internet browser was available out of the box with the PS4. This does not, however, stop users from accessing links on PS5.

Discord ps5 Users

Users of the PS5 are urged to make use of PlayStation Network and PlayStation Party Chat so they can communicate with other players. These messages might also contain links to websites that can be visited even if the PS5 lacks a web browser.

  • Use Discord on PS5 by sending a message
  • On your console, start PlayStation Party, then select the friend you want to message.
  • As a message, send them to www.discord.com.
  • Choose the link, then click it.
  • Enter your login information once you’ve reached the official Discord website.
  • Start a voice channel conversation with your friends.

Voice chat is a much better option when you’re in a game than typing text channels, though you can still do that. This trick is the simplest, and we advise purchasing a compatible headset because you can’t communicate with others without a microphone.

The following trick will, however, work perfectly if you prefer better audio quality and don’t mind connecting your PC and PS5.

The second method consists in obtaining the following objects:

  • USB headset
  • optical cable
  • mixing amp
  • a computer

Here are the instructions:

  • Open the PS5 settings menu after optically connecting your PS5 to the MixAmp.
  • Visit Sound.
  • Choosing Audio Output.
  • Select the Digital or Optical output option from the list.
  • Now head to your PC and launch your Discord client or open a Discord tab in your browser.
  • Go to Discord settings.
  • Click Voice and Video.
  • Click the Input Device drop-down menu and select MixAmp.
  • Now, set the Output Device to Default in the Voice and Video settings.
  • Pair your headphones with the MixAmp and check the connections.
  • If all goes well, you’ll be able to enjoy your PS5 and PC audio on your headphones.

MixAmps aren’t the most affordable gadgets, but they’re dependable and let you connect two devices simultaneously. Additionally, by selecting posts as in the first method, you are not required to keep clicking links.

Both approaches will function immediately, but they might not be practical (or required) for very long. Discord isn’t currently supported on the PS5, but that doesn’t mean Sony isn’t progressing in that direction.

Connect Discord ps5 To Your Network account.

Sony has partnered with Discord, made possible by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s investing in Discord as part of the latter’s H-series. From January 2022, you will be able to connect your PlayStation Network account to Discord; That is how.

  • To get started, open Discord and go to User Settings.
  • Now click on Connections.
  • Click on the PlayStation icon.
  • Log in with your PlayStation credentials.

That’s all.

The Discord app will be enhanced to deliver the best experience when it finally makes its official debut on Sony consoles. You currently have to use the web version of Discord, designed for computer users who use a mouse and keyboard. The PS5 controller is significantly slower than the current control system and cannot fully take its place.

With a streamlined Discord, you’ll find the app much easier to navigate. Hopefully, Sony will release this feature as soon as possible.

If you want to ensure everyone can see your gaming activity, make sure Show on profile and Show PlayStation Network by your status are selected in the connection settings window.

Comparison of Discord ps5 and Party Chat

comparisons of discord ps5

Although PlayStation Party Chat isn’t as flexible as Discord, it still has a place for PS5 users. You can meet new friends and join game parties immediately. In addition, players can always make friends using the service.

But in the following areas, Discord significantly outperforms PlayStation Party Chat:

It is easier to access.

Discord is already available on PC and mobile, while Party Chat is only accessible on PlayStation consoles. On any platform, you can use the same profile with the same ease.

It can perform more things.

Party Chat lacks many features that Discord has, including media integration. For example, party Chat allows you to send images, but you can’t use the keyboard to send GIFs or stickers.

More people are using it.

Party Chat has a much smaller user base than Discord. However, the main benefit is that it is cost-free and accessible across various platforms.

It works across platforms.

Discord enables you to communicate if you’re playing on a PS5 but want to play with a friend on a PC. Unfortunately, party Chat for PlayStation is not cross-platform.

Upcoming For Your Discord ps5

It’s advantageous to have solutions to the above-described Discord issue. However, many users would profit from an official social media platform integration. Owners of PS5s can use Discord to communicate with their friends and even engage in voice chat without needing an additional device.

Do you want Discord on the PlayStation 5? Do you believe the PlayStation 5 needs an internet browser? Comment below with your thoughts to let us know what you think.

Review of the Discord ps5

The same question must be addressed regardless of the new video game system you’re purchasing: how will it enhance your gaming experience?

In comparison to other brand-new consoles from previous generations, the PlayStation 5 doesn’t provide an immediate response to this query. Do not, however, believe that it only reflects slight advancements. On the contrary, the PlayStation 5 is a powerful device that even outperforms the PlayStation 4 Pro. More than ever, the changes are challenging to see.

Outside Layer of Discord ps5

The size of the PS5 has already been discussed extensively. He’s a big boy. It is noticeably more significant than any PlayStation before, including the notoriously bulky launch version of the PlayStation 3. It measures 16 inches wide (in landscape orientation), 4 inches high, and 10 inches deep.

How about a more striking analogy? I unwrapped the PS5 when it arrived and set it down next to my seated 7-month-old baby on the floor. The baby is only marginally taller than the baby, and that was before I attached the console base, which increases the height by about an inch (in portrait orientation).

It’s large. Although it’s a little challenging to fit in, it’s okay for anyone who doesn’t have a cluttered entertainment centre. Squeezing the console is insufficient if you plan to place it in a closed cabinet or media rack. You should leave space for air circulation on the sides and back.

The storage expansion slot is currently giving me some trouble. Solid state drives (SSDs), which process data much more quickly than the drives consoles typically use, were installed in the PS5 by Sony. There are just over 800GB of usable space on the 1TB drive. It will eventually be possible for people to add more storage, but it appears it won’t be possible at launch. The expansion slot can accommodate M.2 SSDs when functional, but only those with a drive speed comparable to the PS5.

Table of Discord ps5

For anyone already familiar with using a PlayStation from PS4, the interface experience on PS5 will be very familiar. Sony has kept the horizontal tile layout on the dashboard for each game and app. Highlighting a thumbnail and scrolling down takes you to a social and activity feed for that app, showing you who’s playing, their recent activity, and related video content.

This is all old for PlayStation folks, so I won’t spend much time describing the board. However, it’s immediately familiar, and that’s a good thing. The most significant change is how it works when using a game or other app.

Pressing the PS logo button in the controller’s centre no longer takes you to the dashboard. Instead, it invokes a context menu that lets you see your recent trophies, actively playing friends and open party chats. It also features a semi-customizable mini-menu that gives you quick access to features like music, audio controls, friends/party lists, and power/sleep mode. You can still access the dashboard by holding down the PS button.

In short, the essential PS5 user experience is better, as it should be. Hardware has taken a significant leap since the release of the PS4 in 2013. And while that agility might not sell consoles on its own, the broader performance improvements you’re talking about are the whole game here.

The Accessories of Discord ps5

Now for the big surprise, the real secret weapon of the PS5. This is the new DualSense controller.

If you’ve been following games for a long time, you’ve probably heard of haptics. Regarding games and game controllers, haptic technology gives you a more advanced version of what was traditionally considered “noise” features.

DualSense controllers don’t just vibrate. In addition to noises that can vary in location and intensity, the genuinely unique “adaptive triggers” give the developers the ability to adjust the resistance you feel when pressing one of the triggers to reflect better what is happening on the screen.

So, in a game like Miles, you’ll feel a noticeable “click” at the end of the flip (plus a little “thwip!” through the controller speaker) every time you press the trigger to use web movement by Spidey. It’s also evident in Bugsnax when you scan the game’s adorable squeaky bugs with a camera-like device. The initial solid resistance you feel when you pull the trigger is a perfect representation of taking pictures with a camera.

The same could happen with DualSense, and that would be a shame. The PS5 Astro’s Playroom bundle is a perfect showcase for the different ways to use the controller. Part of that is motion sensitivity, a feature from previous PlayStation controllers. But Astro also lets the DualSense haptics shine.

There’s also the new HD camera (not included), although it will appeal primarily to streamers. It’s a powerful little camera with a white-on-black design that mirrors the look of your console and a built-in handle to attach it to your TV screen. But unless you like to play games on camera (I’m not), it’s not very useful right now.

Discord ps5 Games

Before we dive into game performance, let’s set some expectations. The only native PS5 games I had access to before launch was Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Bugsnax. The Devil May Cry 5 Remaster and Pathless, released on Annapurna, came out later, so I tried those too… But not as much as the others.

Newer versions of games are a different story. For example, the PS5 version of Ghost of Tsushima, which I spent the most time with, is playable immediately. Also, load times are a little bit quicker. On the PS5, as opposed to the PS4, it took about 10 seconds less to move from the control panel to the save file loaded.

The next-gen difference looks much more dramatic with games made for PS5. But then again, it’s not necessarily the added visual glare that’s exciting. For example, miles Morales looks excellent with “loyalty” mode enabled but drops performance to 30 FPS. What you get in return is ray tracing, an animated graphics feature that boils down to “much cooler lighting effects”.

In terms of nods to classic video games and collectables that pay homage to earlier consoles, Astro is similar to the PlayStation-themed Easter eggs in Super Mario Bros. for the PS5. Ancient.

In conclusion

It must be said that the PS5 is a little too advanced for the current moment. It supports 8K 120Hz displays via HDMI 2.1, which isn’t an option on any currently available TV you can buy and probably isn’t something you’ll have around the house unless you don’t—recently upgraded and upgraded to something fancy. I bought a new game for my desktop in the middle of 2019, and it’s already overdue for PS5.

The PS5 also forces console gaming outside of its comfort zone of “everything working the same way for everyone.” The PlayStation team hasn’t yet had to choose between stunning visuals and slick gameplay, except for the PS4 Pro. It is a huge advancement and a win for all players that this option is offered in many games as a straightforward binary.

You’ve probably decided which console you want good before you click through to read a review. But I’m here to confirm what you already expected: the PS5 is a worthy successor that does almost everything its predecessor can (including backwards compatibility with most PS4 titles) while enhancing your game with improved performance, faster loading times and overall performance. Better user experience.

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