What are the Linkedin top startups?

Linkedin top startups: Startups are a natural place to look for new ideas and inventions. And our 4th periodic LinkedIn Top Startups list is the resource to find the startups you should be watching right now. Reflecting 25 companies that have continued to attract investment, workers, and attention in 2021.

Although,  put together this Time’s rankings, we looked at LinkedIn data across four pillars hand growth, jobseeker interest, member engagement with the company and its workers. How well these startups pulled gifts from our flagship LinkedIn Top Companies list. To be eligible, companies must be seven times old or young, have at least 50 workers, be intimately held. And remain headquartered in India.

Top Startups of Linkedin

Of course, joining an incipiency can be an adventure bet in and of itself. Research suggests that as numerous as 90 startups fail, so those winning the moment may look fully different a time from now. Still, startups can also be great places to gain experience, grow your career and make important chops. Are you allowing about joining one? This composition outlines some effects to consider before taking the vault.

Most importantly, this list remains meant to be a resource for you. However, look at who you may know at each company, see what jobs are presently open or dig into a LinkedIn Learning course on one of the top chops among workers. If you feel like an incipiency is a right fit for your coming occasion.

Check out this Time’s 25 Top Startups in India

You can also check out the Top Startups in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, the UK, and the US.

  1. Unacademy

What you should know Unacademy – which bills itself as the “ Netflix of education ” – has seen its valuation soar to$3.44 billion as the company eyes new orders like upskilling, hiring and creator- led courses. The SoftBank- backed incipiency has rolled out stock options to award its preceptors for fidelity and plans to give out nearly$ 40 million in subventions over the coming many times. Full-time headcount,000| Headquarters Bengaluru| Time innovated 2015| Most common chops C( Programming Language). C, client Relationship Management( CRM)| Most common job titles schoolteacher, Senior Business Development Executive, Deals director.

  1. Udaan

Full-time headcount,500| Headquarters Bengaluru| Time innovated 2016| Most common chops Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Market Research| Most common job titles Business Development Executive, Team Lead, Operations Executive.

Although, what you should know Three million retailers, 000 merchandisers and 900 metropolises. That’s the scale of Udaan, which has possessed 80 of India’s B2Be-commerce requests by bridging the digital peak for millions of small shops. Profit has bounced back to-second surge situations. And the company is targeting 100 time-on-time growth this Time.

  1. CRED

Full-time headcount 400| Headquarters Bengaluru| Time innovated 2018| Most common chops Java, SQL, Python( Programming Language)| Most common job titles Product Specialist, Back End inventor, Software mastermind.

What you should know Credit card prices platform CRED seized attention after its quirky advertisements featuring Rahul Dravid and other former cricketers went viral. There are numerous gratuities to working at this fintech unicorn ESOPs for all workers. Unlimited leave and payment advance, to name a many.

  1. UpGrade

Full-time headcount,350| Headquarters Mumbai| Year innovated 2015| Most common chops Client Relationship Management( CRM), Market Research, C( Programming Language). Also, Most common job titles elderly Admissions Counsellor, Academic Adviser, Business Development Manager.

What you should know Remote work and rising demand for upskilling have come winds for online preceptor upgrade. Which doubled its learner base in just eight months. Also, recent entrant into the unicorn club, the Ronnie Screwvala- led incipiency has upped its junction. And accessions game and is pushing for international expansion.


Learning platform Unacademy has topped the 2021 LinkedIn Top Startups India list followed by B2B e-commerce platform Udaan. Also, fintech firm CRED, as a predominantly remote reality during the pandemic accelerated digital transformation for firms and consumers alike.

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