Note 9 Apps Crashing – First, we will converse about some of the common issues in the Samsung Note 9 apps, and then we will give you a proven solution. So could you stay until the end?

In this article, you will study how you can fix common issues on the Samsung galaxy note 9 with simple and easy steps. You can easily resolve any common issues on note 9 with the steps shown.

Samsung Note 9 Apps Get Very Hot

Note 9 Apps Crashing

Pleasers the Samsung galaxy note 9 in an environment with a moderate temperature. Please don’t use the phone in direct sunlight.

  • Try to find out if your phone battery status is normal or not.
  • While playing the game, make sure to reduce the graphics settings.
  • While the phone is charging, avoid using it.
  • Please only use the original Samsung galaxy note 9 charger.
  • Uninstall any apps that consume excessive ram while running in the background. Please try to remove your phone case and replace it with a vented cover if necessary.
  • Keep your phone up to date so any firmware bugs can be fixed.
  • Make sure to lower the graphics settings while playing the game.
  • Avoid consuming the phone while it is charging.
  • Please use only the Samsung galaxy note 9 charger.
  • Uninstall any apps that use a lot of rams while running in the background.

Note 9 Apps Crashing Network Problems

crashing network issues

  • try to restart your Samsung note 9 phone.
  • insert it(s) and remove the sim card(s) again. if the problem persists, buy a new one.
  • check if there is any destruction to the sim card or the sim card holder.
  • check if the specified sim is activated and insert the sim card into another device.
  • if aeroplane mode is turned on by mistake, turn it off.
  • check if the network earner has enough coverage in your area and insert the sim card into another device.
  • the cell phone antenna may be damaged.
  • reset pan settings on the Samsung note 9 and choose the default app.
  • try changing the favoured network type into “auto”.
  • if you are consuming the wi-fi network, ensure the wi-fi access point has adequate internet connectivity.

Samsung Note 9 Apps Crashing


Apps crashing

Can you reinstall the app that is not working properly?

Please check whether you have enough space on the Samsung galaxy note 9. Try to remove the unwanted apps.

  • some apps and games require additional permissions to function properly. Check that you have those permissions.
  • the apps may need an active data connection to function properly.
  • check that the downloaded app has been verified by the play store.
  • reinstall and delete the app from the app store.
  • check the google play store for the most recent update to your app.
  • malware or viruses in the Samsung galaxy note 9 may also be to blame for application misuse.
  • if your phone becomes overheated, it may forcefully close the app. check that you are not running two or more programs simultaneously.
  • the android.apk file, frequently downloaded from websites, can become corrupted during installation.
  • check if your android version is well-matched with the app.

Samsung Note 9 Apps Crashing Wi-Fi Problems

wifi problems

  • go to settings > click on wi-fi settings > choose any wi-fi name > tap on the “forget” button and then recombine.
  • go to check if the problem is due to battery saving mode/power saving.
  • please note that battery optimisation is disabled for android auto and google play services.
  • check if your Samsung galaxy note 9 gets an overheating warning while wi-fi is connected.
  • try booting the Samsung note 9 in the “safe mode” to ensure that a third-party application is not causing any problems.
  • you can try to fix the wi-fi disconnection by resetting wi-fi/network settings to default.
  • wi-fi problems can also be resolved by installing the most recent firmware update on your Samsung note 9.

Apps Keep Crashing On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

you just have to uninstall and reinstall the app, which should also work fine.
Although, if the phone asks for permission, such as GPS, access to files, etc., you must grant consent to the application.

Please check whether your Samsung galaxy note 9 has enough extra storage. If not, try freeing up some storage by deleting some files.

Can you restart your Samsung galaxy note 9 and check if the apps work?

You can also try to clear the data and cache of the application on the Samsung galaxy note 9.
– to do this

go to settings >

applications >

select the name of the application >

clear data.

You can try to check for a newer version of the app (update); if an update is available, you can install it. If no update is available, please wait a few days.

An OS update on your Samsung galaxy note 9 may also be required to fix any application issues.

Any antivirus app on your device may cause some problems. Please disable your antivirus and try the app again.

It is desirable to always use simple apps from the play store. Although, avoid downloading apps and games from third-party websites.

It is possible that your phone functions may have been disabled by mistake and may be the cause of the problem. Please ensure you have an adequate amount of ram and a decent CPU on your cell phone to run apps.

Lastly, a factory reset may be required on the Samsung galaxy note 9 for apps to work normally.

Some Problems of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Apps Crashing and their Possible Solutions.

Note 9 Apps Crashing

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 remains one of the South Korean company’s best phones, even though it has been replaced by newer models. It is exceptionally powerful, comes with an amazing camera, and even improved on the signature feature of this line of phones: the S Pen. But it is not perfect, since like all devices – it has its weakness. To help you, here are some Galaxy Note 9 issues and their possible solutions.

Galaxy Note 9 issues: The phone no longer supports Fast Charging

Cell phones like the Note 9 can support fast charging, so it is a problem when this function stops working well or no longer works. Users have reported that their Note 9 no longer has fast charging, although normal charging is still working. Here are some solutions that may do the trick.

Potential solution:

Please ensure you have a compatible charger for your phone to have fast charging. The set included with your Note 9 Apps Crashing comes with adaptive fast charging, but wear and tear can cause you to lose this functionality. If that’s the case, you’ll have to invest in a new USB-C cable.

Cleaning your charging port is also helpful. The best practice is to spray the initial with compressed air, followed by light brushing with a cotton swab.

You can also check your device’s fast charging settings.

Go to Settings >

Device Care >

Battery >

Charging >

and make sure Fast Charging is turned on

Then Plug it into a fast charger and see if it works.

Problem – 1: The Screen Mark after an Update

Note 9 remains a great phone, thanks to consistent software updates. However, while the intention is to improve performance, many users have reported screen discolouration in recent updates. What looks like a permanent light filter fills the Note 9’s screen, and the factory reset doesn’t remove it.

Potential solution:

Although it is not an official solution, some users have successfully wiped the phone’s cache partition. Before doing it, please ensure your data and file are backed up. Thus, turn off your device, then turn it on again by pressing Power +Volume Up; release them when the Samsung logo appears, and you should see a list of options. Then, Navigate down by pressing the Volume Down key and also select Wipe Cache Partition by clicking the Power key.

Select Yes > Reboot System Now.

In this case, Samsung suggested that users suffering the screen issue should bring their devices to a service ccentreto replace them with new phones.

Problem – 2: Note 9 overheats

Samsung fans are worried about their phones heating up after the Note 7 disaster. As such, sing this should be taken very seriously. And many Note 9 owners have noticed their devices significantly overheating. This seems to be accompanied by other problems, such as decreased battery life. In the worst cases, people complain that the phone is too hot to hold and that the back and sides get too hot.

Potential solution:

Contact Samsung or your dealer immediately. While phones can get hot during fast charging and intensive tasks (such as gaming), they shouldn’t get so hot that you can’t emit. If your phone is constantly overheating, it could be a sign of a battery problem, and faulty batteries are known to be a serious fire hazard.

Problem – 3:  The navigation bar is displayed while using gestures

An Android 9.0 Pie UI has added many valuable features to the Note 9, and gesture controls are one of them. Though, the software keys stay as they should after activating the new powers. Rules are not a complaint to throw the Mobile in the trash; it is certainly annoying. Fortunately, fixing it seems easy.

Potential solution:

Samsung suggests wiping your cache partition. Thus, turn off your device, then press the volume up key together with the Bixby key. Then press and hold the power key. When the Android logo appears, release all three keys. So, when the Android system recovery appears, you can use the volume keys and select Wipe cache partition, touching the power button to fix it. This shouldn’t delete your personal data, but we recommend supporting your phone.

Problem -4: The Camera Sounds when you Zoom

The Galaxy Note 9 has a unique set of cameras, but they still have some problems. Complaints about freezing and camera lag have disappeared but have been replaced by another issue: users now complain of a buzzing noise while using their camera, which seems to be linked to telephoto or zoom. While some say the noise is nothing more than an annoyance, others have found that the problem also involves blurring when using that lens.

Potential Solution :

Unfortunately, this appears to be a hardware issue, so there’s nothing else you can do except send your device to Samsung for repair.

Problem – 5: Volume Decreases during Videos

Some users notice that video volumes decrease during media playback. The issue occurs on YouTube and other video apps, including Samsung’s video app, and appears to be happening several minutes after playback. The problem persists when the phone is in Safe Mode, which indicates that the problem is not caused by a third-party application.

One user has disclosed information from a Samsung technician, who said a software update also could fix the problem, but this is inconsistent with another tip from one of Samsung’s official moderators who recommends a replacement unit. Unlike other issues, it appears that this one has not been fixed by the Android 9.0 Pie update.

 Potential solution:

Although Samsung has not officially acknowledged the problem, one user may have cracked the problem: Dolby Atmos. If you’re having trouble with the sound dropping by itself,

go to  Settings >

Sounds and vibration >

Advanced sound settings  >

Sound quality

This affects and makes sure Dolby Atmos is enabled.

Problem – 6: The speakerphone is inconsistent during calls

Note 9 uses a bottom speaker and an earpiece at the topmost of the phone to deliver stereo sound. Inappropriately, the headset seems to work inconsistently for some users during speakerphone mode on some calls. According to some posts, the top speaker sometimes works if the phone is moved but cuts out at other times.

This is a particularly interesting issue because, as some users have pointed out, a  top speaker is only designed to work with music and videos and shouldn’t be activated for speakerphone mode. Some think that the sensor on the top of the phone shortens the earpiece when locked, causing intermittent service.


Try to keep any object away from the main sensors of your device and try not to move it too much.

Potential solutions:

Samsung claims that clearing the device’s cache can fix the problem.

It’s also worth running Samsung’s guide to speaker solutions. It may or may not work, but it is worth a try.

Problem – 7: Navigation keys are not responding

Several users report that the software navigation keys at the bottom of the Note 9 screen are frozen and unresponsive. Users have said that the problem is intermittent, but when it occurs, it can take 10-20 taps to press a command, and often the problem doesn’t go away until the phone is restarted.

It appears that the issue is restricted to only devices using Samsung’s default Samsung Experience; One user using Nova Launcher said that he only had the problem while on the home page of his Note 9.

Apparently, the root of the problem is a recent Samsung Pay update, which explains why this problem has yet to be around since the release of Note 9. The source of the problem might be fixed with another update.


  • It looks like a phone reset will clear up the issues, at least for a while.
  • One user reported that changing their Note 9 theme through the Samsung Themes app resolved their issues. It is highly anecdotal, but it’s worth a try if the problem occurs consistently.


Since the issue is linked to Samsung Pay, setting up Samsung Pay should be enough to resolve it. It appears that some form of invisible Samsung Pay popup is blocking the keys, and that box disappears once Samsung Pay is set up. It’s a strange solution, yes, but it seems to work.

The issue appears to have been resolved with the Android 9.0 Pie update for the Note 9.

Problem – 8: The Camera lags or freezes for a few seconds

Users on the official Samsung forums and XDA Developers have complained about lags and freezes while using the Note 9’s camera. This issue seems to occur when taking pictures and recording videos. The “Camera Failed” warning is also linked to this issue.


Updating the Note 9 to Android 9.0 Pie has fixed this problem.