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Spotlight Invisible Start-ups- Introducing

Spotlight Invisible Start-ups -Introducing,

Spotlight Invisible Start-Ups In our imagination and pop culture, it may seem like there are only two paths for tech start-ups: spectacular successes with Ferrari and Ferragamo for everyone or titanic failures. However, start-ups that change the world or die trying are the ones that people write books and make movies on.

The myth of Silicon Valley virtually ignores the vast middle ground between the incredible and the unforgivable. Grant tries to fill the void. Last month, Grant launched an acquired website and database to chronicle online start-up founders who sell their businesses for $100,000 and $50 million.

That magnitude of a business sale would be glorious for most of us. However, when I was still relatively new to writing about tech companies, a start-up founder confused me by apologizing for selling his old company for “only” tens of millions of dollars. I quickly learned that in the age of Tik Tok and Theano’s, $1 million — and today, even $1 billion — is as disappointing as a single potato chip in a bag.

A Journalist of Founder in Spotlight Invisible Start-ups

Grant, a former journalist and founder of a start-up in Harpers Ferry, W.Va., said that when our culture glorifies companies that become billion- or trillion-dollar companies and founders that work non-stop, people who slowly and steadily build smaller businesses start-ups can feel left out, especially if they are parents like her.

“For many people, this can lead to a sense of failure – is this the only way to succeed?” said Grant. “But the reality is that there are many ways to build a start-up.”

They Got Acquired part of a tactical guide for business. Owners that Grant said she wished she had when she launched her two previous start-ups. And that’s partly encouraging for people building their start-ups that don’t have billions of users but are fulfilling for founders and employees. “Many people build [start-ups] that way, but they often go unrecognized,” Grant told me. “It’s more desirable for me and a more desirable route for many people.”

The Pandemic Wave

During the pandemic,  a wave of Americans started their businesses. Grant tries to highlight role models for entrepreneurs beyond Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg. Above all, Grant began to They Got Acquired. Because she felt something was missing for people like her.

She started and sold two online businesses for ten years and helped create another, The Penny Hoarder’s financial website. But, when it came time to sell, Grant felt lost. “I didn’t know where to start or where to find the right professionals to help me,” Grant said.

They Acquired information about start-ups, such as their revenue and approximate acquisition price. Grant imagines the data will help other business owners better understand ​​what their businesses might sell. Interviews with start-up founders are posted. On the website and an upcoming. A Series of podcasts will feature. Entrepreneurs sharing practical tactics and strategies. For example, Jodie Cook started a social media agency. Described how she made sure the business could function without it for They Got Acquired.

Grant said she loves the business story of a mother-daughter team, Marianne Edwards and Anna Master, which started an online community for RV travellers. Grant said they sold their business last year for at least $1 million. Adding that she was encouraged that Master. Initially only worked on her business a few hours a week.

A friend of mine who knows Grant sent me a link to They Got. Acquired and it was an “aha” moment. I have already written about the boot system that fires for and rewards the best possible ideas.

This can lead to life-changing innovations like Tesla’s electric cars and Google’s search engine. But it can also force founders to overhype their technology and reduce themselves, their families, and their employees to spent dust. So, it’s encouraging to see more confetti and support for a different path.


The start-up system that shoots for and rewards the most significant ideas possible.

That can lead to life-changing innovations like Tesla’s electric cars and Google’s search engine. But it can also compel founders to overhype their technology and grind themselves, their families, and their employees into exhausted dust. So, it’s encouraging to see more confetti and support for a different path.

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