Super king Bed

Super king Bed

Super king bed – Choosing the best bed is essential; in this case, the size can be decisive. Large beds have been gaining ground in design and interior design, and for this reason we are going to tell you everything about their measurements: discover the dimensions of the King and Super King beds .

Choosing the best bed is essential; in this case, the size can be decisive. Large beds have been gaining ground in design and interior design, so we will tell you everything about their measurements: discover the dimensions of the King and Super King beds.

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Oversized  super king size bed

Over time, the size of the beds has been growing. And it is not because the average height has increased, which has also had an influence, but because of the multiple benefits that large beds such as King beds or Super King beds have. And is that 40% of the population has sleep problems, such as:

  • Increased tiredness during the day
  • Insomnia
  • Physical problems such as:
  • Heart conditions
  • Poor functioning of the immune system
  • Less cell regeneration
  • It can also affect cognitive functions:
  • Dull your thoughts
  • Affects reflexes
  • Generates more significant anxiety and irritability

The importance of a good rest is to wake up with encouragement and energy.
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Dimensions Of A King And Super King Bed

Dimensions of  Bed

The King bed measures 200×180 cm, and the Super King bed is 200×200 cm, although it is possible to find a length of 210 or 220 centimetres, depending on the height of the people who sleep in it.

Experts recommend that the length be about 10-15 centimetres longer than the tallest person sleeping in the bed.

They also recommend that couples sleep in separate beds to better sleep and that sleep is not disturbed by the other person’s presence. Therefore, selecting a large enough bed will give you better rest than smaller beds.

Added to this is the possibility that if the couple has children, they can sleep in the bed on more than one occasion, so a King or Super King bed will be necessary and very useful in these cases.

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Advantages Of Sleeping In A King And Super King Bed

Advantages of super  bed

Reduces pain from arthritis or joint injuries, as it reduces pressure on shoulders, hips and knees.

Relieves pain from wrong positions at night, primarily if unique technology is used.

There are more support points since there is a larger surface, which is why there are a more significant number of springs. It means that your mattress adapts better to the weight and position.

With a larger surface, stretching more and adopting different postures is possible, improving relaxation.

It is more difficult to disturb the partner if one of the two moves more at night or sleeps at different times.

The dimensions of a King bed and a Super King bed are ideal for those who need more space. A more significant area, with a better mattress, is synonymous with more excellent rest, positively affecting many body functions.

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How big are the King beds and Super King Beds?

How big Is your  king bed?

If you are wondering how long a King bed is, the measurements are between 180 cm wide by 200 cm long. And, in the case of Cannon Home mattresses, these can have between  210 springs and up to  1,140 springs per m², made of steel and with an HD polyurethane frame, which provides greater adaptability to the body and reduces pressure points.

It is ideal for overweight people who share a mattress, as it allows freedom of movement without affecting the companion. As well as for recent couples who are used to sleeping alone and need to get acquainted with a new member in bed.

The Super King size bed will favour you if you prefer more space.  In this version, Cannon Home offers models with mattresses from  280 springs  up to  1140 springs  per m², with double sheets of memory foam for extra softness and better body support. They are 200 cm wide by 200 cm long, so they can completely adapt to how you sleep.

And if you want to enjoy superior benefits for your rest, come to the Premium line, which has the Super King and standard King bed measurements. In it, you will find the Hybrid Cotton, Hybrid Wool and Hybrid Visco models. The first gives you 525 complexes per m2; the second, 1140 complexes per m²; and the third, 280 springs per m². It should be noted that the greater the number of springs, the greater the adaptability.

In addition, they are made with natural materials, such as cotton and wool, which increases their softness and warmth; they include the All Season system, which improves the thermal sensation both in summer and in winter; and it has the properties of viscoelastic and viscose, which adapts perfectly to your body, to provide greater firmness and comfort.

If you’re choosing a bed, check out the options we have at  Cannon Home. Also, ask about the benefits offered by our Premium line. Which will undoubtedly provide you with greater flexibility, freshness, ventilation and firmness while you sleep.

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