Time Saving Software for Your Business: Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are the two most popular solutions. Gmail, Google Meet, Google Groups, and Google My Business are also part of Google Workspace. Document generation, document sharing, document storage, and team collaboration are all functions of these platforms.

The Best Small Business Time-Saving Software Nifty Saving Software Nifty

Nifty provides the most feature-rich feature set in the field of time management software. Project management, time tracking, progress monitoring, communication, and file management capabilities are available on the platform. It also includes excellent reporting capabilities.

This Swiss Army knife strategy implies that small firms only need to invest in (and learn and maintain) one platform for their time management needs. You do not need to purchase a separate timer, chat software, video conference tool, or file management.

Budget monitoring is another critical tool for small businesses since it allows you to examine your project and budget status together to determine if you are on track. This functionality is beneficial when resources are limited.

Best of all, for small firms with limited resources, you may start for free and gradually add premium services as you see the ROI.


Trello combines two essential features for small businesses: simplicity and cost. It is one of the most straightforward project management tools to understand and use, and a free edition allows you to get started without making an initial commitment.

Trello’s project management solution employs a drag-and-drop dashboard similar to a Kanban board. Projects are organized as cards in columns based on their state. For example, you might start a project with a “draught” column, move it to a “review” column and assign the task to a reviewer after the draught remains finished.

Each project card displays the essential project information, and remarks for team members may remain added. By tagging users, you may upload files and send messages. The disadvantage is a limited feature set, which may limit you in the future.


We’ve all heard that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Time management software with an integrated tracking system tracks how you and your staff use their time so you can better manage it.

For a good reason, Clockify is at the top of several time-tracking software review sites. To begin, you may watch how much time an infinite number of people spend on mobile and desktop devices for free. GPS lets you track time for projects and activities and view user positions. Clockify also has a snapshot function that takes screenshots of users’ displays every five minutes to help monitor time.

A premium version enables you to produce invoices and compare labour expenses to project budgets based on time spent tracking. Some trackers provide these functions for free. However, the automatic time monitoring with screenshots (rather than handwritten records) also compensates for it.

Todoist Is The Best Task Management Software For Small Businesses.

Todoist is the market leader in digital to-do lists. The to-do list is the task manager’s workhorse. Everyone uses to-do lists for anything from grocery shopping to task management. Todoist is a good choice for small businesses because it is simple to use and free.

Todoist makes it simple to organise projects, assign owners, share files, discuss specifics using built-in chat, and track task progress. You may set deadlines, create tasks and subtasks, and send alerts and reminders. It supports people and teams and works on all devices, whereas other applications are only available on mobile devices.


Is time tracking available in QuickBooks? The QuickBooks time tracking function allows you to effortlessly track not just your time but also the time of your workers and contractors. Track and submit hours from any computer or mobile device with QuickBooks Online. Create real-time reports with ease, including recent/edited time activities.

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