Vibe Profile can change your default search engine and prevent you from changing those settings to how they were, just like most browser hijackers. In addition, the malware can also reach your browser with unwanted ads, popups, and spam messages and alter other browser settings.

In this context, we’ll be able to walk you through the Vibe profile, what it does, whether it’s safe or not, and how you can completely remove it from your completely.

Vibe Profile

Vibe Profile

Vibe Profile is an unwanted application from the browser hijacker type. It is presently quickly spreading as an addition to well-known browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari with the help of software bundling and spam messaging.

It is also important to note that it is not malware and doesn’t contain harmful code like similar threats such as ransomware, spy or spyware, and other common viruses.

Notwithstanding, the presence of a Vibe Profile on the computer may affect how your browser functions (e.g. automatic page redirects to unfamiliar websites, sudden crashes, sluggishness, and unresponsiveness).

This is why you must remove it before it aggravates more complex damage. Furthermore, you can never be sure of the origin and the reliability of all the popups, random links, banners, and offers displayed on your screen with the aid of Vibe Profile.

In case such content accidentally sneaks inside the stream of ads, then there will be no need to risk clicking on something misleading or risky.

What Vibe Profile Does

what Vibe Profile Does

The Vibe profile function is related to automatically redirecting users’ searches to several ads, popups, third-party websites, sponsored links, banners and offers that earn revenue on a pay-per-click basis.

The application creator promotes it as a free and helpful tool. Still, in the real sense, it operates as a browser hijacker and changes the primary browsing program on the computer without seeking approval from the users.

In addition, it may not be as severe as ransomware or trojan horse infection, but it’s still capable of malicious acts and can even lead to more powerful attacks.

Once the malware can take control of your browser, you can easily be led to phishing websites and hoax redirects or even leak browser data or cookies, which can further lead to more severe attacks.

The Vibe Profile App

The VibeProfile app is still best removed from the infected system even though not malicious. This app may expose your computer to several harmful threats.

Using two methods, you can uninstall Vibe Profile without taking any unnecessary risk for your system’s safety.

The first method is suitable for users dealing with browser hijacker applications for the first time and involves using a professional removal tool.

A complete scan of the system using such a tool is usually enough to detect and delete Vibe Profile speedily and reliably.

If you don’t have such tools or the security program you are using currently, you may not be able to deal with the browser hijacker in your system.

Before you use the second method, you will need to learn some computer skills, as this offers a manual application deletion.

If you need to be more experienced, you need to be very careful with the manual method, as there is always the risk of deleting some critical system files, especially if you need to know precisely what you are doing.

What is Vibe Profile for Mac?

vibe profile on mac

Immediately you start your browser, the Vibe Profile for Mac sets a new homepage URL or a new-tab domain that loads a predefined website. Also, Vibe Profile for Mac may change your search results by installing a new search engine or toolbar that loads sponsored content.

In a nutshell, this app may disturb your normal web browsing, and it’s likely to provide you with any function which can make up for its ad disturbances and unpleasant browser alterations. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you remove Vibe Profile and uninstall its related components as soon as possible.

Whether the malicious program is focusing on Windows, macOS, or any other operating system, most Malware authors usually name these malicious programs after authorised services to avert detection. Although this is an age-old method, it works.

How to remove Vibe Profile?

how to remove vibe profile

Here are a few conducts to remove the browser hijacker from your PC.

1.     Run an antivirus scan

Usually, running an antivirus scan will remove most, if not all, malware on your PC. You can also use a third-party antivirus or antimalware like Malwarebytes to scan your PC and remove any suspicious software.

2.     Remove suspicious programs and profiles

Sometimes malware might expand itself and install other payloads or create rogue profiles on your computer. Check the Applications tab in your macOS settings to see if there are any suspicious programs on your Mac. You can uninstall them immediately. The same applies to any profiles you did not create on your computer.

3.    Use Chrome to scan for malware

Chrome has an inbuilt malware scanner that is somewhat effective at rooting out browser-hijacking malware. Follow these steps to run a scan.

Step 1:  Head over to chrome://settings/reset. Click on Clean unwanted Software.

Step 2: Click the Find button and wait for Chrome to automatically discover and remove unwanted apps/software that might be causing this issue.

Now you can restart your Mac, and you should be ready.

How to Remove Vibe Profile Virus from Mac

To remove the Vibe Profile virus from your Mac, follow the steps below quickly:

  • Open your Mac browser (Safari).
  • Then tap on the Safari Menu.
  • Proceed to Preferences.
  • Search for an icon called Extensions and open it.
  • Look for Vibe Profile in the Extensions list.
  • Please tap on the trash bin icon beside the Vibe Profile to remove it.
  • If you see any other suspicious entries in Extensions, delete them and see if the issue is solved.

It has been defined, and now you have removed the virus from your Mac; you can follow the steps above carefully.

How to Remove Vibe Profile from Firefox in OSX

Here’s how to remove Vibe Profile from Firefox in OSX. Follow the steps below:

  • Open Firefox, navigate to the top right corner, tap on the main Menu icon and choose Add-ons.
  • Then, click on the Extensions tab on the left.
  • Remove all the add-ons you don’t need.
  • Finally, refresh your Firefox Settings.
  • That’s it! This is how to remove the Vibe profile from Firefox in OSX.

How to Remove Vibe Profile From Chrome in OSX

Now that you know what Vibe Profile is, you can remove the virus from Chrome in OSX. Follow the steps below:

  • Open Google Chrome, tap on the three dots icon top right, and select More Tools >> Extensions.
  • Search for Vibe Profile in the list of extensions and tap on the Trash bin icon to remove it.
  • After that, tap on the three dots icon again, then on Settings and the Search tab.
  • Choose Manage Search Engines and remove any search engines forced on you by Vibe Profile.
  • Once you can set up a search engine that you can trust, reset your Chrome Settings by following the instructions from the link.
  • Finally, verify if Vibe Profile is gone.

The professional removal tool recommended for removing the profile can help you eliminate it if it’s still bothering you. You can use it to scan your computer or use the option to use the free online virus scanner in case you want to check some particular files.

If you have questions regarding any of the steps in this guide, the top way to get in touch with us is simply by leaving a comment in the section below this post.


Vibe Profile is a macOS browser hijacker malware that can get on your computer through malicious websites or pirated downloads. Like most browser hijackers, It will change your default search engine and won’t let you change those settings. The malware may also span your browser with unwanted popups, ads, and spam messages and can change other browser settings.

Another main thing to keep in mind about Vibe Profile is that while it might not be as severe as ransomware or trojan horse infection, it can still be rather malicious or lead to other more powerful attacks. For example, since the malware takes control of your browser, you can easily be led to phishing websites, fake redirects, and even leak browser data or cookies, which can further lead to other attacks.

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