Heg Share Price on the Firm’s Q3

Heg Share price has another company that’s joining us heg well. They posted a relatively robust set of numbers in the third quarter. The revenue jumped up on a year, and your basis and profitability looked quite good; however, there was some skimming off on the margin front on a sequential basis. We have Mr. Manish Gulati, the executive director of agg, who joins us or you know to run us through the numbers.

Introduction Of HEG Share Price

A sense of your capacity utilization level shows how much it was in quarter three and how much it was in quarter two. So capacity utilization continues to be the in the region of 90, similar it consumes been in the past two quarters because it’s almost at the edge of as much we can push. Usually don’t give us a number on realization.

So we need to do it the other way around. So I’ve gone ahead and calculated that number going by this 90. It’s at about 4500 on a per ton basis compared to about 3800. That means the entire top-line growth would have come in because of higher realizations.
Is there a case where you can go ahead and hike prices further in quarter four? Will realizations in quarter four be higher than in quarter three? Yes, definitely because prices continue to increase quarter by quarter and we are expecting another, let’s say, seven to eight percent increase between the two quarters.

What about the Volumes?

In the next financial year, we remain hoping to add another. We are trying to get some cargo out of the existing plant. Our expansion also remains in full swing and it will get finished by the end of the year, so some volumes are expected from the development also, so we have put together we are talking about five to six thousand tons extra sale next year.

What does that mean? Five to six thousand tons extra sales next year means what would the growth in fy 23 looks like, and in fy 22, I think you’d hinted at a 15 to 20 volume growth. Would you stick with that by the end of the year?. So fy 23 will be like seven percent more than what we will uh do uh rather I would say eight percent more. So money is fifteen to twenty percent volume growth for this year. The realizations did we get that correct you said that realizations in quarter four would be around seven percent higher than quarter three.

When does your Capacity of HEG Share Price

One more factor, when does your power you know you just spoke about it 80 000 goes to one lakh tons that come on stream when in quarter three you understand by the end of December. All right, and your margins, in quarter two when you joined in, told us that things would look up from here. Now you have got that price increase which would have helped the top line, but it’s not flown down into the margins margins have come off by around 100 basis points, telling you that there is some pressure on needle coke.


What is the outlook for HEG stock? As of June 2nd, 2022, HEG Share Price shuttered at 1121.85, and we Recommend Strong Sell for long-term with a stoploss of 1799.60 and Sell for short -term with a stoploss of 1233.02. We also expect stock to react on the following important levels.

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