Xbox Console: All Xbox press generations and models ever released in order, from the first Xbox to the rearmost, and the newest Xbox generation and models were removed in 2022.

Following the entire history of Xbox. Find out every bit of info on all Xbox generations and models released from 2001 until 2022.

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Original Xbox

Original Xbox

The original Xbox had various release dates – the first Xbox remained first released in America on November 15, 2001. Only on February 22, 2002, the original Xbox launched in Japan stood. Followed by a March 14, 2002, release in Europe and Australia.

The first generation Xbox was the sixth generation of consoles, contending with other sixth-generation consoles like the Sega Dreamcast, Sony PlayStation 2, and Nintendo GameCube.

The first generation Xbox sold roughly 24 million consoles which was unfortunately still heavily outsold by its contender Sony with their PlayStation 2, which sold over 155 million consoles in its continuance.

The PlayStation 2 is still the number 1 best-dealing press worldwide( source Wikipedia). Nintendo’s GameCube sold nearly as multitudinous consoles as the Xbox but fell short with roughly 22 million press deals. Unfortunately, Sega’s Dreamcast only sold approximately 9.1 million consoles and ranked last in sales.

The best-dealing games for the original Xbox were Halo 2, Halo Combat Evolved, and Fable. Both votes came for flagship games for future Xbox releases, with Bungie( innovator of the Halo ballot) releasing 5 Halo games.

Alternate generation Xbox 360( 2005 – 2016)

Xbox Console

Xbox 360( 2005)

Released in late 2005 – early 2006 worldwide, a time ahead of the PlayStation 3. During its continuance, the Xbox 360 suffered from insufficient force to meet the great demand. The Xbox 360 and all its models and variations managed to maintain a nearly equal request share with Sony’s PlayStation 3.

The PlayStation 3 only slightly outsold the Xbox 360 with 87.4 million consoles sold versus the Xbox 360’s 84 million ones.


The best-dealing Xbox 360 game is Kinect Adventures! with 24 million duplicates sold. Still, Kinect Adventures ’ deals remain nearly followed by Grand Theft Machine V, which sold roughly 23 million copies worldwide on Xbox 360. Third, Fourth, and Fifth positions remain dominated by the Call of Duty ballot, with Modern Warfare 3 taking third place. Black Ops at fourth, and Black Ops II was the fifth best-dealing game on the Xbox 360.