What are Hidden Spy Apps?

Hidden Spy Apps can monitor the smartphone activities of your child. The apps let you monitor smartphone actions to protect your child. In addition, you can link it to your social media and SMS messages and live stream audio and video of the surroundings.

Following is a select list of Top Free Hidden Spy Apps, their popular features, website links, and how-to-use guide. These spy apps permit you to spy on somebody deprived of their expression. All harvests offer a Free Trial or Money-Back promise.

Here, we will evaluate the top spy apps for machine plans. You will learn about the best features, prices, and other features of the apps to choose the best one that meets your economic and smartphone nursing rations.

Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android

The kids of today’s generation are way too more intelligent than their parents in terms of technological knowledge. Like most parents, if you have given a phone to your kid, your biggest concern would indeed be related to the unacceptable activities that one can perform using a cell phone. And to be honest, you can’t even track those activities, no matter how frequently you check their cell phones manually. And the reason is that they know how to use a phone better than you ever did.

So, what to do now? You can’t even refuse to give them a cell phone because it’s necessary to cope with today’s era. So the only answer to your inquiry is a cell phone spying app. But then another question arises. Does simply installing a spying app on their Android device while letting your kid know about its installation help you achieve your task? Absolutely no. They will find a way to tackle that problem or might show the audacity to uninstall the app.

The Install a Tracking App to their Track

Now what you can do is, install a tracking app on their device and hide it. Using this humble trick, you will be able to track their Android cell phone remotely, and they won’t be able to interfere with the app. Even if your kids or partner suspect a spying app on their Android phone, they won’t be able to get rid of it because they won’t find it since its app icon is hidden and runs in the background.

So, let’s hit the road without wasting any more time and learn how to spy on Android phones with these 11 best spy apps for Android without root that works in hidden mode. I have had a first-hand experience with all these apps, so you can trust this list beyond any doubt.

Hidden Spy App for Android Without Root

Spy Human is a leading spy app for Android devices that monitor activities on the target device of kids, employees, spouse, or other people. It offers a discreet way of monitoring calls and the users’ location and checks for any malicious activities that might cause harm.

It also provides details about browser history, messages, and emails to get more insights into what kind of communication is being replaced and whether safe websites are being used or not.

Features of Hidden Spy Apps Human

  • Text Message Tracker: Display SMS logs on any target ruse with the Spy Human app.
  • Location Tracker: Track the place of your target and the ways they have traveled.
  • Web Monitoring: This will guarantee that your kid is not watching any local website on the headset or capsule.
  • Social Media: Road the chat logs on your mark trick surreptitiously with Spy Human app.
  • Apply restrictions: You can also restrict specific browsing actions on the target device.
  • Theft Protection: With Spy Human app on your trick, you can track its location in case of any theft.


Tracks real-time site of a phone with GPS

Sends notices in case of unlawful information sharing by employees

Provides applicate usage time for your employees

One of the best-hidden spy apps for Android 3.0 and higher types


You may have to originate your phone to like approximately of its landscapes


Best hidden spy app for Android and iOS strategies.


Spy Human provides a 7-day free trial plan for one practical, which isn’t ad-free. The Best Plan for ₹715 per month is ad-free.

Specie (One of the Best Hidden Spy Apps on Android)

specie is one of the top hidden spy apps for Android for tracking events on the target device. This Spy Android App can be installed on any Android device and helps you perform social media monitoring, call following, etc. With this spy app, you can track anything, whether a screenshot, keylogger, call log, messenger chats, etc. You can also spread data with the help of this Android spy app.

Features of specie:

  1. Browser History
  2. Timeline
  3. Photos
  4. Screen Capture
  5. Data Export
  6. Facebook Monitoring
  7. Browser History
  8. GPS Location Following
  9. Phone Call Recording


  • Tracks real-time location of a telephone with GPS
  • Sends notifications in case of illegal information sharing by employees
  • Provides applicate usage time for your employees
  • One of the best-hidden spy apps for Machine 3.0 and higher versions


  • You may have to source your phone to like approximately of its features


Unseen spy app for Android and iOS plans.


Spyzie offers Basic Version, Pro Version, and Final Type for Machine and just Pro Version and Final Version plans for iOS devices.

The Basic Version costs ₹2150 and offers basic features such as Posts, Calls, WhatsApp Calla, Geo-Fencing, etc. The Pro Type costs ₹2860 and comes with social media monitoring, WhatsApp media files, screen capturing, etc. Finally, the ultimate version costs ₹3575 and offer features like a keylogger, social media chat logs, app block, clipboard capturing, and parts of both Basic and Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

 1) Do spy apps work?

Answer: Spy apps effectively monitor your children’s or employees’ smartphone activity. The app can give you physical admission to the target devices. These apps work in stealth mode so that users won’t know their actions on the device monitor.

2) Can I at all install spyware on a cell phone?

Answer: No. Spyware cannot be installed at all on a smartphone. Instead, you need to install the app by accessing the target device.

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3) Are spy apps illegal?

Answer: Installing a spy app with the user’s permission is legal. But installing the app without the smartphone user’s knowledge is not permitted. This is because it considers a felony in the US, resulting in one year in jail.

4) Can you go to lockup for looking done someone’s phone?

Answer: Under US Central law, you cannot view, listen to, or read a communication on someone else’s device without their permission. Snooping through your spouse’s phone without their consent will result in a criminal charge.

5) What app can detect spyware?

Answer: Some spy apps can notice if a spy app is installed on the telephone. But you strength have to pay extra for anti-spyware defence on a device.


With hidden spy apps on Android, you can carry out a series of manual checks to do this yourself. Here’s what to look out for when thorough for hidden spy apps on your phone:

Check your apps

Take a look through the apps on your phone to see if there are any you don’t remember downloading or don’t recognize. Most of us have folders filled with games or other apps we haven’t used in a while.

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