What is a Speed Trap?

What is Speed trap

What is a Speed Trap – A speed trap is a section of a road or highway along which traffic laws are strictly enforced. They are usually located in areas where motorists speed, for example, because the site is straight or downhill. In some cases, the police may set up a speed trap in a zone with numerous traffic accidents. Although, A police officer will park next to the web and radar traffic to stop the speeders.

Many countries have set speed limits for their roads for the safety of motorists or pedestrians. In busy downtown areas. For example, speed limits tend to be low, so drivers don’t accidentally hit pedestrians or other motorists. Thus, Downtown areas tend to have more dangerous traffic due to sudden stops and starts, unsignaled turns, or road hazards such as children and animals. In other parts, such as the open highway, speed limits are set complexly to reflect traffic conditions.

A speed trap is planned to catch people violating the speed limit and is often set in an area where the speed limit is constantly violated. Common locations for these traps include downhill slopes, areas where the speed limit changes, or schools and playgrounds. Although locals know where a speed trap is located in many places, law enforcement tends to stop visitors to the city more than locals.

Since Some drivers object to speed traps because they look somewhat unfair, especially in areas where most traffic exceeds the speed limit, a speed limit change may seem more sensible than a speed trap unless the increased speed of traffic results in a higher number of accidents. The Critics have also suggested that law enforcement agencies are not concerned with traffic safety as they are with hitting acceptable quotas.

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Different kinds of ‘Speed Traps’kinds of speed trap

A speed trap is a general term motorists use to define enforcement of speeding laws involving stealth or concealment.

Although many so-called “speed traps” are perfectly legal, such as a police car parked behind tall bushes or a roadside billboard hidden from view by oncoming motorists, other speed traps are questionable legality.

For instance:

  • A marked road trap is a section of a road that has been marking or using to measure the speed of a vehicle by the time it takes to travel the distance. Many states, such as California, have banned it.
  • An unjustified speed limit trap is a portion of a highway with a lower speed limit that is not justified by a recent traffic survey or other reasons. These “without warranty” cheats may prohibit, depending on their status.
  • Speed cameras, a more recent variety of radar, are automating devices that record the speed of passing motorists and take photos of speeding ones. Drivers are mailing a ticket for the violation. The practice has come under criticism, and in many jurisdictions, judges are throwing out fines for speed cameras or ordering the cameras to switch off.

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What can you do if you get Caught?

What can you do if you get caught?

Unfortunately, if an officer hiding behind a tree timed you breaking the speed limit, you probably won’t be successful in beating the ticket by arguing that you were caught in a speed trap.

However, if you believe your speeding ticket resulted from an illegal speed trap. An experienced traffic ticket attorney can help you find the best way to challenge your ticket in court.

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Examples of a Speed Trap in a Sentence

Recent examples on that web, every winter, air quality in Delhi becomes dangerous as temperatures drop. Also wind speed trap particles closer to the ground.- Vijayta Lalwani.” Can turning off the ignition at traffic lights help reduce pollution?,” Nov 8 2020

German radio stations alert drivers to the location of speed traps on the Autobahn.- BostonGlobe.com. “Revealing the location of checkpoints puts those drivers, their passengers. And the general public at risk,” the New York Police Department carved in a letter to Google in February. Also  demanding that Waze stop alerting users to those locations.,” Oct 23, 2019

German radio stations alert drivers to the area of speed traps on the Autobahn. Washington Post, “Google Maps Now Helps iPhone Users Avoid Speed ​​Traps”, Oct 22, 2019

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